Retain full control, excel in innovation.

What’s in it for me?
A perfect IT-environment enables you to excel in innovation, meet the market’s demands, be compliant with the business, cost-effective and resistant against increasing external threats. Is it a utopia? Or not?

We are your seasoned travel agents, able to prepare you thoroughly and guide you step-by-step during your journey towards an optimised IT-environment. Do you prefer to outsource the journey? That’s possible as well. We will do the preparation and implementation, while you retain full control.

For ASAPCLOUD a perfect IT-environment is rather a direction to move towards than arriving at a final destination. In the preparation we analyse your infrastructure based on Microsoft’s Best Practices supplemented by our in-house developed functionalities which monitor availability, configuration, performance and security. We define, analyse and even go as far as intervening automatically to the extent possible, at your request.

Being experienced travel agents, we know the way and focus on: security, configuration, compliancy, repeatability and scalability. We prepare, implement, offer support and give advice to optimise proactively.

In short, we optimise, while you are in the driver’s seat.