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    We are ASAPCLOUD

These days, digital technology has become a major part of our lives. Existing and new technologies have a strong impact on all of our experiences and expectations. What seemed impossible yesterday, is reality today and a commodity tomorrow.

This requires organisations to be extremely flexible, to be able to meet today’s new demands and to be prepared for tomorrow’s expectations. The digital transformation.

ASAPCLOUD focuses on:

Continuously delivering added value to its clients’ IT operations, by developing and delivering intelligent infrastructure solutions, in order to offer stability, secure continuity and achieve a high degree of efficiency.


“The ability to contribute to our clients’ success by building out-of-the-box solutions on top of Microsoft’s next-generation tools”.


To enable its clients to successfully meet today’s demands and prepare for tomorrow’s expectations.

ASAPCLOUD distinguishes itself by dynamically applying its Intellectual Property to tailor developments of its Intelligent Infrastructure solutions to its client’s needs.

As we are convinced of the added value of our Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions, all of our solutions, except for the ‘We Provide you professional services’, can be cancelled on a monthly basis, after an initial 2 months onboarding period. This is how we guarantee you remain independent and flexible in making your own choices.

ASAPCLOUD in short:

Since its foundation in 2005, ASAPCLOUD focused on building specific tooling on existing Microsoft systems. ASAPCLOUD is a certified Microsoft Partner. Both development and application of specific tooling is carried out in the client’s interest.

The knowhow and experience of the in-house developed tooling are now being marketed as ASAPCLOUD’s Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions.